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What Your Web Developer should have told You!

1) Web sites aren't just built and then left alone. They are an ongoing entity, a tool.
2) Web sites DON'T start at $10,000. Not with us, at least. We are in this for the long haul. We will be your partner in helping you continually do business on the internet because your success is our goal.

When looking for a Web Developer, ask for examples and references. What services do they offer (listing on search engines, hit reports, research)? Do they care about your business? What ideas do they have for your success? Are they up-to-date on trends on the internet? Are they willing to learn? Will they make the pages the way you want them (bring a sketch if possible)? Start on a small project to test them if you aren't sure about them. Go for one or two pages. Was it delivered on time? Is it complete? Are the links correct? Do they follow up? Answer email?

Now, in making sure you got a good deal, did you get what you were promised? You know the drill, it is the same in any aspect of your business.

Just because your site isn't productive doesn't mean you got a bad deal. Web sites need to be promoted. Put your email and web address on all business cards, letterhead, brochures, and advertising. Register and re-register on the search engines until you get the hits you want. Do banner or link swaps with related web sites. Use the web page.

Next, storage. Once a site is made, it can be stored anywhere. Some Web Developers will try to keep the Copyright, so ask in advance. The problem with moving the site around is the address will change if you don't have your own domain name. Also, not all providers run the same server software that allows your pages to be dynamic. Before you decide where to store your site, make sure the provider is dependable, easy to contact on the phone, and the connection is fast!

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