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Web Site Development -
$45.00 an hour for web page design and setup;
$70.00 an hour for graphics (scanning, manipulation, original design, logos, animations, movies);
$110.00 an hour for programming (database integration, cold fusion, asp, active x, javascript, visual basic script, shopping cart, virtual store);

Call us for a personalized quote.

Storage/Hosting - $40.00 a month. Includes 30 Megs of storage, Ten or so E-mail accounts, Constant server supervision, $1.00 a month for each additional meg of storage. $25.00 a month for each secure page.

Domain Registration: i.e. - Registration $70.00 for the first two years and $35.00 each additional year. Note: These fees are payable to Network Solutions.

Updating - E-mail or fax us any changes, any time. Your pages will be updated within 24 hours. This service is $45.00 an hour for text updates. An update usually takes 20-30 minutes!

Secure Pages - starting @ $300.00 including certificate

Shopping Cart - $350.00 plus set up - $200.00 to $400.00

Custom Forms - starting @ $100.00 per form

Animations - $70.00 an hour

Video Streaming (live movies) - starting @ $500.00

Interactive Pages - request input to allow user to see product choice on-line before ordering. Example: SignDesignIt This saves everyone TIME!

Virtual Store (shopping cart, secure transactions, database, custom forms) - starting @ $800.00 (You don't NEED to have a shopping cart to take secure orders. But it sure is neat!)

Lots of idea potential ready to work for you.

For a custom quote:
(509) 624-5827

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